Our Philosophy

``Sober Styling`` coupled with ``user friendliness``

Our Story

My father started bags manufacturing business in 1968 in Mumbai. I have seen this product being made in front of me since childhood. This allowed me to learn the ‘Know how and ‘Trade secrets’ of this business quite early in my career. From what I have observed over the years, the external lay out of the bag has pretty much remained the same. May be ‘Bags’ were looked at from Utility point of view rather than a Fashion Accessory. We realized that there is great scope in terms of Products Design from Look and Style point of view and still not compromise on Utility perspective. That’s where ‘Cherry Pick’ bags steps in. If good apparels, trendy sunglasses, expensive wrist watches, foot wears can be a part of your personality then even Bags can also be your style statement.Besides the trend has also evolved in past few years. Nowadays customers are more conscious as to how they look, what they eat, and the brands that they endorse, so it was also a great opportunity for business.

We@ ‘Cherry Pick’ are leading manufacturer of the bags which offers ‘Sober Styling’ coupled with ‘User Friendliness’. With ever increasing fashion sense, ‘Cherry Pick’ bags would only add value to your Personality.

Cherry Pick Bags